Our Services

We offer free in home consultations and estimates. As a residential estate liquidator, we come into your home and evaluate your assets/estate without charge. When hired, we sort, clean, organize research, price, market/advertise, stage and sell your collections and furnishings from your home. If there are any items that do not sell we will remove them, donate what we can to charity and/or dispose of them with your permission and according to our agreement. Should you need further assistance in obtaining quotes for professional cleaning or painting of the home we would be more than happy include that service in your contract.

What exactly does Rita’s Estate Liquidation do?

We provide clients with the highest quality service available through honesty, integrity and professionalism. We measure success by the satisfaction of our customers and with all whom we do business. We are professional and sensitive to all situations. No matter the size of the estate, large or small our goal is to maximize the value of a personal estate while minimizing the efforts of the family, executor and conservator.

Reasons for having an estate sale rather than a garage sale:

There is a lot involved in conducting and hosting a successful and profitable estate sale, Rita’s Estate Liquidation will handle all of the details efficiently and professionally. You may not know the value of the items you are selling. This can lead to items being sold under market value. You may throw something away thinking it was trash. Let us help you decide what is valuable and what is not. Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We do all of the work for you.

• Clean
• Inventory contents
• Stage
• Market and Advertise
• Provide staff to answer questions of potential buyers
• Set up and execute sale
• Obtain higher prices for your items

What determines our fees?

There are varying factors involved in each estate such as size, research hours or appraisals required for antiques and collectibles, workers needed to complete the project, and sale preparation. Family involvement and expectations are also considered in determining our fees. You can expect to pay 30%-50% of the proceeds from the sale and an hourly rate will be charged for any additional services, i.e. thoroughly cleaning the home post sale in preparation for the real estate market.

Where do we start?

We will visit the estate to assess the property, ascertain your needs, and give you a quote for our services. If it is determined that an estate sale isn’t necessary, we will happily provide you with other options.

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